Apply Now – Indonesia 2018


Application Process


Fill in the application form via the Wild Minds website.


All participants must have some motorbike or scooter experience before the course start date. (A minimum would be 1 – 2 days professional training on a 125cc vehicle)


Ensure you have personal travel insurance for the duration of the course.



Upon successful application participants will be notified by email. You will be provided with a brief, pricing for the course and a kit list.


Please organise a visa if required, your motorbike/ scooter training (if required and then scan the proof to us).




Organise international flights to and from Bali International Airport, including appropriate insurance (important: must include remote medivac). Inform us of the company you use, policy number and emergency 24/7 contact number in advance.


Passport – Please email us a scan of the information/ photograph page of your passport and visa (if required).


Ensure you are fully vaccinated for the region and organise Malaria medication.