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Short Haul Adventure



Every year we like to plan a short haul, easily accessible adventure. This year we’re headed to the South of Spain.


– “Doesn’t sound too adventurous, what are you guys playing at?


Spain is well equipped for adventure. On this excursion we’ll be hitting up some of Spain’s best mountains and planing some waves at one of our favourite windsurf/ kitesurf locations.

Adventure with Wild Minds


Every year we offer an adventure like no other. It’s intense and fast paced – just one week long.

Adventure should form a core part of everyone’s lives. Whether you’re tied to a desk from the hours of 9 to 5, or manning the helm on the night shift – adventure is in all of you.

We want to share our passion for adventure with you, give you the core skills to take on your own adventures.

What you’ll get from us


Adventure is a learning process and we want to add to your experience:


  • Scale mountains and journey across unknown terrain
  • Be prepared with our Basic Survival Training
  • Take in local culture
  • Capture your adventure like a pro. Learn Photography and Filming essentials.
  • Camp under the stars and revel in the silence




Including Charlie and Red, our group size is limited to 6 people (two of us, four fellow adventurers).

The group is purposefully kept small, to ensure you get the most from us and we have the ability to spend quality time with you.

Not A Holiday


Anybody can book a ‘holiday’, few can organise adventure.

We challenge ourselves to give you the best possible experience and avoid the traditional model of 1. book flight – 2. find hotel – 3. sit by the pool.


This is a learning opportunity designed to give you the confidence and additional skills to take on your own adventures.

Is this right for me?


Are you someone who is:


  1. Seeking their next big adventure and enjoys pushing themselves
  2. Ready to take on a once-in-a-lifetime event
  3. Learn and hone new skills in the field
  4. Join other people like yourself prepared to jump right into the thick of it
  5. Most importantly, be able to look back on an epic adventure with a glint in your eye
Want your own Adventure with Wild Minds?