Adventures You Can Have in Nicaragua

Adventures You Can Have in Nicaragua

Adventures You Can Have in Nicaragua

Adventures You Can Have in Nicaragua

While many visit Nicaragua for its colonial charm and nightlife, when it comes to outdoor adventures, this is the best place in central America.

Whether you’re a nature lover or adrenaline junkie, you’re bound to find something in Nicaragua. Here are some of the best ways to have an outdoor adventure in Nicaragua.


Jungle Trek in a Nature Reserve

The remote Indio Maiz Nature Reserve is teeming with wildlife and is home to the indigenous Rama communities. A trek the reserve’s wild and pristine jungle will change the way you perceive this country.

Hike the cloud forests of the highlands

Unlike the coast, the highlands experience a lot of precipitation, and because of this, you can find cloud forests and thriving coffee plantations. If you’re sick of dry weather, the green cloud forests of Nicaragua are ideal for trekking and cooling down.


Kayak the Wetlands

Nicaragua does pretty well in terms of biodiversity. Exploring one of its many waterways by kayak is a great way of seeing the native wildlife in its natural habitat without being intrusive.

Paddle between two volcanoes up the Rio Istián on Ometepe, and marvel at one of the largest mangrove ecosystems in Central America in Padre Ramos. Or take the time to meet some very curious monkeys in the Islas Solentiname.


Surf the Pacific Coast

The winds that grace Nicaragua’s Pacific coastline make it an excellent spot to catch some waves.

San Juan del Sur and its surrounding bays are where many surfers gather, but if you go further north you’ll find more laid-back towns to suit your surfing needs. Popoyo, Playa Gigante and Asseradores are among the most chill surf towns that have ideal surfing conditions.


Volcano Boarding Down Cerro Negro

This activity is arguably the most iconic of Nicaraguan activities that will without ta doubt spike up your adrenaline levels – volcano boarding down the face of an active volcano.

Just outside of Leon sits the black, charred grounds of Cerro Negro. It goes without saying that you have to be very careful when speeding down the side of an active volcano.


Canyoning in Somoto Canyon

Join Somoto Canyon Tours on their 6-hour adventure which will take you along the Rios Tapacali and Coco between the soaring canyon walls, through caves and if you are feeling extra- adventurous, off 20-metre high cliff jumps.

You can also enjoy the rocky view from the still pools in the lower half of the canyon.


Scuba diving in the Corn Islands

The Corn Islands, in particular Little Corn, have one of Nicaragua’s most beautiful and exotic beaches.

But in its waters you can find an abundance of sea life such as colourful fish and coral. Blowing Rock is a steep pinnacle that pierces the ocean’s surface. Larger marine animals lurk out here so be prepared to encounter reef sharks, turtles and rays.

Remember: from trekking through untouched jungles, to boarding down an active volcano, there is no equal to Nicaragua when it comes to adventure activities.

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